Frequently Asked Question

1. I would like to buy your products. What should I do? Answer: You need to press SHOP, after you register, place the order immediately and an operator will take your order

2. How do I contact? Answer: Go to Contact Us section for more details.

3. ColourVue Romania can become a distributor? What is the minimum order and how to get the best prices? Answer: Of course, you can become a distributor simply ColourVue Romania. All you have to do is to leave us your order, and we will offer the best deals. The minimum order to receive a first discount is 20 pairs of lenses ColourVue.

4. How safe are ColourVue lenses? I can buy with confidence?

Answer ColourVue lenses are approved by the European Union and are legally marketed in many countries in Europe and beyond. Own certificates of ISO 9001: 2000 / ISO 13485:2003, EC (EUROPEAN Conformity), and the opinion of the Ministry of Health of Romania Number 2823.

Our products is on the international market for 6 years and until now we have thousands of satisfied customers ColourVue quality lenses.

5. What kind of payment methods you accept? How much the courier charges and how long do I get my order? Answer: We accept Bank Transfer, Postal Order, Credit Returns (Romanian Post). Courier postal fees start at EUR 10 (for packages with rambursuri until Ron 250-300) and may vary depending on final weight of package and cash. Your order will be dispatched between the hours mentioned for controls, and reach your package in 24, 48 or 72 hours (depending on destination).

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